About us

What's the squeeze on Cold-Pressing?
A cold-press, or masticating juicer basically does the chewing for you. There’s no heat involved in the production, retaining all of the living enzymes which are essential for good health. We don’t use any additives, preservatives or add any sugar or water to our juice.
Why Juice?
Juice is a great way to consume lots of fruit and veggie goodness quickly. We put five or six ingredients into our juice, and we list them on the bottle, nothing else.
What keeps it fresh?
Our juice is preserved by nature! Once we make it and bottle it, we give it a right good squeeze with HPP, (High Pressure Processing)  a cold, organically certified, environmentally friendly process which submits the juice to deep, ocean like depths. We never heat treat our juice.
Can kids drink it?
Yep, they love it! We have two in-house tasters that can attest to the yum factor for little people.
Is our plastic safe?
Yes, all of our plastic is food grade. Plastic is more cost effective to recycle than glass, and because of the reduced weight, is more environmentally friendly to transport.
So what else is in there?
Absolutely nothing, just fruit and vegetables, squished. We don't add anything else and we never will.
Do you guys have a Privacy Policy?
Yes of course, you can read it here.